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- With first­-to-­market, loss-­prevention technology, your QEPR Key Fob notifies you before your smartphone or connected device is left behind. - In the unfortunate event of losing your smartphone or connected device, QEPR’s Smart TAG provides a number of ways for your belongings to have the fastest and easiest path back home. - Pair your Phone, QEPR Key Fob, and/or Smart Watch, and always keep connected. - You are immediately notified when separation distance is exceeded between your Smartphone, and QEPR Key Fob and/or your Smart Watch. - Track the current location of your phone and fob from mobile or web application, PLUS retrace the last 50 Locations of your phone, QEPR Key Fob, and/or Smart Watch. - 3 personal contacts notified immediately when phone is recovered. - When your phone is lost & found, QEPR will pick up the shipping bill. You receive 3 Return credit(s)­ $87 credit towards shipping cost! - Create 5 safe zones which disables Separation Alert when within a designated wifi range. - Connect unlimited QEPR Key Fob Devices to your QEPR Membership Account. - Share your QEPR Key Fob with as many friends and family members as you like. - View status of your QEPR key fob battery life at anytime.

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